Why these companies were founded

“I knew what I was extremely good at. And having understood the tenets of investment, I know I can build a good future for my children. In establishing companies, I bring together like-minded people willing to create and journey with The Aclan Group. Together we do our share in building sustainable commercial models. I am doing all these to enable lifestyles for individuals, families and communities. These are my reasons in building The ACLAN Group of Companies.”

John Paul Aclan, CEO-Founder


The Aclan Group of Companies aim to develop long-term, sustainable business by focusing on growing its bottom line profit results through execution of solid management and business fundamentals.

Our Brands

Our own in-house combined with carefully selected brands make up our portfolio of products and services

Espacio De Manila

Your space for business in the Philippines. More than a ready office, it's full suite of support services is a business enabler.


Gioiellio Rose Fine Jewelry Collection

Carefully curated pieces for men and women who invest in style with fine jewelry.


MyLifeCapp Android & iOS App

Creating photos that imprints lasting memories for children and the young at heart, this is the app that caps off life's milestones.


Sojen & Hongyan Trucks

Euro-designed SOJEN and HONGYAN models address the need for reliable, value for money trucks.


Cigarettes & Beer

Premium imported beer RED DOT and tobacco brands from La Suerte (ASTRO, MEMPHIS, ONE & BONUS) to Shanghai Tobacco (GOOD DAY) to Peak Summit's own JP Executive Cigarettes and YAMAN Manila Cigarette are geared to address the discerning tastes & lifestyles of the adult population.


Acquarias Water Dispenser Products

Innovative technology and device that produces water from air.


Gulaman Brothers

Transforming Filipino cuisine's dried agar into enjoyable food and beverages.


Yang Chow

Named after a popular Chinese-style wok fried rice dish, YANG CHOW is a franchised restaurant.

Corporate Outlook

In the process of building the foundations of The Aclan Group of Companies, we have and we will continue to experience challenges & difficulties. Yet with determined spirit,strong focus on sustainable success – the management, executives and employees will actively engage on various matters of The Group’s strategy, performance, leadership and risk management. As individuals, as one team, we will advance the long-term interest of stakeholders and remain accountable on our governance practice to our clients, our consuming public and to broad society. 


3rd Floor, Asian Star Bldg.
ASEAN Drive, Alabang
Muntinlupa City 1781
Metro Manila, Philippines


Phone: +63 (2) 255-9888 
Fax: +63 (2) 824-2341