Equal Employment Opportunity

The Group provides Equal Employment Opportunity in accordance with all applicable government laws. AGC is committed to ensure equality of opportunity in all aspects of employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other protected class under government law with respect to employment.

This policy is applicable but not limited, to compensation, training, discipline, transfers, leave of absences, grievance handling, retirement, termination, and participation in any other company- administered activities.

All employees are accountable for ensuring this policy is implemented in all facets of personnel management. The Aclan Group of Companies will not tolerate unlawful discrimination against employees or job applicants. Furthermore, the Group is committed to the elimination of unacceptable behavior in the Workplace. The Workplace includes all places where employees perform their duties, whether in their office, at the warehouse/staff house, in HomeLab clinics, at client sites, conferences, or in any other situation where the employee represents the Aclan Group of Companies.

Occupational Health & Safety and COVID-19 Policy


Digital Media Guidelines
The Aclan Group of Companies’ digital and social media pages’ purpose is to allow families and individuals access to group business information and services.

We are setting this digital media guide to ensure we all can have an open and meaningful online conversation.

Our platform encourages its audience and AGC employees to adhere to the following values:

I. Authenticity and Integrity
We encourage and welcome your shares and feedback through For HomeLab patient concerns, it is best that we receive full details – please email Please be your true self; do not impersonate, do not create accounts for the purpose of misleading others. Please do not use our platform to recruit people and solicit business and sales.

II. Privacy, Respect and Safety
Always follow the law in your public posts and comments. Let us make AGC’s online platforms your safe space for service access and information.

III. Responsible Digital Engagement
The Group respects and encourages the employee’s right to self-expression. Online and offline, employees are bound to represent the Group, its people and values as such there is no room for prejudice, hatred, misogyny, bigotry. AGC Employees must use common sense and take care to protect themselves, their personal information and the company in all online engagement. Employees should not release confidential information that are not released on any AGC online platform. In case of doubt, employees must contact the Chief Marketing Officer.

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