WebSafety, Inc. and Prosperous Abundance Medical and Diagnostic Clinic, Inc. Sign Letter of Intent

Nov 9


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Las Vegas, Nevada, November 9, 2021/PRNewswire/ WebSafety, Inc. (www.websafety.com) (OTCMarkets: WBSI) today announced that it had signed a Letter of Intent to acquire Prosperous Abundance Medical and Diagnostic Clinic, Inc. (“PAMD”).

Redefined medical care for the Philippine population

PAMD operates over 20 medical clinics and has developed a medical healthcare delivery system that since its inception in 2020 has served over 300,000 patients in the Philippines.

According to Rowland Day, CEO of WebSafety, “We are excited to announce this proposed combination of our companies. John Paul Aclan, the CEO and founder of PAMD has created a fast growing, profitable company that has redefined medical care for the Philippine population.”

John Paul Aclan, stated “All of us at PAMD are ready to take this next step to become a public company. Our company is growing very rapidly and we have tremendous growth opportunities before us.”

Mr. Day and Mr. Aclan will release additional information during the next few weeks as they complete the combination of their companies.

About WebSafety

WebSafety is a software company that has created mobile apps for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. The WebSafety app allows parents to monitor questionable and potentially harmful content or a direct predatory exchange that occurs on their child’s mobile device. The WebSafety app monitors downloaded apps, websites visited, social media, GPS tracking, allows curfew blocking, and provides real time notifications to the parent. The parent uses a real time dashboard on their desktop, laptop or mobile device to stay informed of their child’s activities.

Please visit www.WebSafety.com

About Prosperous Abundance Medical and Diagnostic Clinic, Inc. (“PAMD”)

PAMD operates over 20 medical clinics and has pioneered HomeLab ( home service ) medical procedures in the Philippines. Since its beginning in 2020 over 300,000 patients have received medical services.

Please visit https://www.homelab.ph/

For more information,

USA contact: WebSafety, Inc.

Rowland W. Day II

Email: rday@websafety.com

Philippine contact: Aclan Group of Companies (PAMD)

Claire David

Email: media@aclangroup.com



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